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Dougs Gunsmith Shop - Gun Stock Refinishing - Gun Barrel Work - Custum Gun Fitting
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General Gunsmithing

Cleaning & Oiling

Cleaning & oiling consists of disassembling the complete firearm, down to the last screw and spring. All parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected. The parts are then lightly lubricated (if need be) and reassembled back to the gun.

An annual service generally has to do with target guns shot very frequently. The complete firearm is also completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, lubricated and reassembled. But also included is the replacement of all springs.

All of the above are then function tested and test fired.

 Pumps & Autos


 Break Open Guns


 Krieghoff & K-80


 Bolt Actions


 Browning A-5 and Winch 97


*additional parts extra


Adjust Trigger Pulls

Trigger adjustments consist of reducing the amount of travel, along with the trigger pull weight. We do set a limit on how low we will set the trigger pull weight. This has to depend on the type of service your firearm performs.

We do not install release triggers into any firearm except the Remington 90-T. We can make any adjustments necessary to release triggers installed by others. These include…Bowen, Scwaab, McDaniels, Spears, Allems, Paul's, and many others.

 Pumps & Autos


 Bolt Actions


 Sgl BBL Target Shotgun


 O/U Target Shotgun


 Beretta 680 Series


Scope Mounting

Because of the many types of scopes, red dots, lasers, and mounts, you would be better to call us to determine and/or recommend what may work best for you and your shooting situation. All scope mounting includes boresite.

 Mount Scope & Boresite


 Drill & Tap, Mount, & Boresite ... minimum


 Drill & Tap Side Mount (Rifles & Shotguns) ... minimum


 Drill & Tap for military rifles…Mausers, Springfields,


 Boresite Only








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Doug's Gunsmith Shop
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