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Shipping Information

Federal law allows any gun owner, to ship their firearm to a manufacturer or repair facility, as long as the manufacturer or repair facility has a current Federal Firearms License (FFL). It is not necessary to ship from a FFL holder. Once the repair is completed, the firearm can then be shipped directly back to the owner only. If it is to be shipped to someone other than the current owner of the firearm, then the return shipment must be made to another FFL holder. It is then required that this other person fill out the necessary paper work (4473 and back ground check), before taking possession. UPS and the U.S. Mail, stops at Doug’s Gunsmith Shop everyday. If any other shipping company is requested, arrangements must be made in advance. By using the following steps, your firearm should have a safe round trip.



1)      Be absolutely certain that your firearm is unloaded and no ammo is included with it. Send any ammo separately. Carefully wrap the firearm with packing material to prevent dents, dings, or any serious damage from occurring. Be sure it is firmly secure in the shipping container.


2)      Include a letter or note with your name, address, email address, and daytime phone number. Describe in detail, the work you wish to have performed. Also enclose how you would like to pay for the services. We do not currently take any credit cards, so payments can be made by personal or cashier check, money order, cash, or COD. Also include the value of the firearm for return shipping insurance.

Shipment can include any of the following, UPS, US Mail, Fed-EX. BE sure to insure your firearm for its new or retail value. This is very important.

Firearm Transfers

Doug’s Gunsmith Shop is a current holder of a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL). If an out of state, firearms owner, wishes to sell or transfer a firearm to a new owner here in Minnesota, it must go through a valid FFL holder. Doug’s can help with the transfer for a nominal fee. The firearm does not have to be shipped from an FFL holder, though it can be if you wish. Follow the above 3 steps when shipping a firearm to us.


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Doug's Gunsmith Shop
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