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(Rem 90-T)
Doug, the boss said to wait with the check till this Monday, I will send the
check out on Monday. Thanks so much for your fast repair, only you will ever
work on my gun  if there is any problem with it !!!---Nick, Las Vegas, NV
Doug: Don't know if you remember me but you did some work on my 90T. I was more than satisfied!---Ed
Hi Doug,
I have seen a few of your posts at Shotgunworld site. Thank you, I always learn something new.
Jim, Sacramento, CA
(Nickel Plating, Teflon & Action Work)
Doug, Just received my MX8 and does it ever look good. If I can shoot it as good as it looks, I'll be in the winners circle every shoot. I'm sure you have more references than you need but if you need another one just ask. Tks. Gene, McFarland, CA
Thanks very much Doug.
The tap and die arrived today. ---Barry, Carrom Downs, Austrailia
(Action Rebuild)
Doug, Thanks,the 90T you did for me works great.---Rick, Gibsonvill, OH
(Rem 90-T)
Hey Doug, thanks for doing the up grade on my HPAR, it feels like a new one and shoots like one too, if i do my job--- Joe,
(Nickel Plating & Teflon)
Doug, I received the gun this afternoon.  It sure looks nice, my wife even likes the new look. Thank you for the quality work on the gun and the quick turn around time.--Sterling, Crooked River Ranch, OR
(Nickel Plating)
It looks beautiful. You're a man with pride in his work.  Really happy doing business with you.  Thanks for everything and shoot well.---Len, Jefferson, WI
(Chamber Sleeve)
Doug, The new sleeve works perfect. The TM-1 ejects every time.---Lynn, Richmond, KY
(Shotgun for MN blind hunter)
Doug, Your sister Vicki works with me and sent me the link about the firearm you put together for Brent Neeser. Just wanted to tip my cap to you. Job well done. I dabble in gun smithing to keep me busy during the winter after hunting season ends and I can appreciate the time and effort you put into this.--- Pat Hoag, Maumee, OH
(Nickel Plating and Teflon)
Doug, Thank you for the care in which you performed the excellent job in Nickel Plating and Teflon coat of the barrel. I will be sure to spread the word around on the excellent service you provide, and will continue to send any of my problems to you.---Bob, Perry,MI
(Adj. Comb & Wood Refinish)
I received the shotgun on Fri. The work is first class. It exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much.--John, Winston-Salem, NC
(Forend Repair)
Now I know why you are so well liked and come so highly recommended.--Rick, Niskayuna, NY
(Nickel Plating & Action Rebuild)
I wanted to share a few words of thanks, since I've received and now had the opportunity to shoot the gun. First, for cleaning up the pad and replacing the bead - it now looks brand new; I'm the envy of the Club (for the moment and we know how long that'll last!).  Second, with the forend update, the tune-up and trigger job done, the gun shoots nice and tight as if it were brand new - I couldn't be more pleased.--Jay, Naperville, IL
(Nickel Plating)
Doug, I just received the gun and it looks absolutely FANTASTIC. Very impressed. I really appreciate good work and this is definitely it.--Josh

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