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Titanium Nitride (Gold)

For shooters looking to have polished gold accents, i.e. triggers, trigger components, trigger housings, screws, pins, and barrels; a much more durable finish is achieved by titanium nitriding your parts. You’ll have the look and shine of gold, without the worry of the gold plating you may have now, wearing off or peeling. This looks the best when applied to a polished surface.

I no longer offer complete guns, receivers, frames, or slides.  I also cannot do the newer “Rainbow” nitriding.

The prices below are for just parts sent to us for coating. We will polish the parts. If the parts must be disassembled and re-assembled by us, the price will be posted below the individual part.
Guns having all of the metal refinished will only be charged the individual part price.


  Trigger blades ... Perazzi, Rem 90-T, BT-99, Beretta 


  Dis-assemble and Re-assemble .... add


  Krieghoff Triggers….. (3pcs…trigger body, trigger blade, selector)


  Dis-assemble and Re-assemble .... add


  Semi-auto Handgun Barrels


  AR-15 Bolts (5 pcs ... Bolt carrier, bolt, bolt carrier key, 2-key screws)


  Dis-assemble and Re-assemble .... add


  Misc Individual parts ... (triggers, safeties, slide stops, firing pins, etc) ... each


  Misc Individual parts ... (triggers, slide stops, safeties, bbl bushings, etc) ... 4 pcs minimum ... each


  Dis-assemble and Re-assemble handguns




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