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Dougs Gunsmith Shop - Gun Stock Refinishing - Gun Barrel Work - Custum Gun Fitting
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Barrel Work

The barrel work below is completed in the up most professional manner. Having a Sunnen Honing machine here, allows us to remove light pitting and scratches from shotgun bores. It also allows chokes that have been opened to remain straight with the bore.

Forcing cones are lengthened using a Clymer reamer (industry standard), and then polished bright, with no reamer marks.

Chambers are sleeved to correct oversize and headspace. This process is done on precision Bridgeport milling machines. Most sleeves are only installed about one inch deep. To attempt going any further or doing a complete chamber, can sometimes weaken the integrity of the barrel in the mono-block. At this time, we can only hone 12ga & 28ga bores.

 Lengthen Forcing Cone


 Open Fixed Choke


 Open Screw-In Choke


 Chrome Lined Chokes & Chamber………….add to above


 Hone Pitting from Bores………………………minimum per


 Sleeve 12 ga or 20 ga Chamber       4140 tool steel


 Cut & Crown(shotgun)


 Jewel (engine turn) Mono-Bock Sides …std circle pattern


 Jewel (engine turn) Mono-Block Side ...
 tight circle pattern like Win 101s


 Install Muzzle Brake... Labor Only


 Drill & Tap Middle Bead… Bead Incl.


 Drill & Tap Front Bead…..Bead Incl


 Replace Existing Bead


 Install Special Fiber Optic Bead….Bead NOT Incl


 Fit New or Used BBL. to action minimum
 Firm Quote upon inspection


 Rebuild Perazzi BBL. hooks (Hinge pinarea) to
 correct gap in breech face


 Fit new Perazzi or Beretta Extractor &
  adjust ejector timing      Labor Only ....




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Doug's Gunsmith Shop
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